To look after the general welfare of the blind in the state…

  • To take such steps as may be necessary for the prevention and cure of preventable and curable blindness and eye trouble in the state.
  • To look after the welfare of the dependents of the blind in the state.
  • To take all steps to mobilise public opinion to further the cause of the welfare of the blind in the state.
  • Sensitisation, awareness & training for the community agencies.
  • Medical, educational, economical and social rehabilitation to the visually challenged.
  • Necessary technical training to the blind (and other impaired) for a decent and disciplined life as a model citizen of a democratic country like India.
  • Awareness on the Persons with Disabilities Act 1995 of the Govt. of Kerala (Social Welfare Department) No.186 dt. 24/12/2008 for equipping themselves for their protection and welfare.
  • Empowered and well-informed blind population of India working for personal growth and development, thereby leading life to its optimum potential.
  • To empower the blind with education and training, to attain self-sufficiency through employment/self-employment, thus integrating them with dignity in mainstream society.