Vocational Training and Rehabilitation Program: One of the main aims of this program is to introduce the visually impaired persons into the main stream of Society. We are running a Vocational Training Centre which gives training to visually impaired and disabled persons in furniture re-caning, preparation of lotion and other cleaning materials, computer operation, etc. After training, the adult persons are supported by NAB by obtaining orders in chair re-caning, envelope making etc. from Governmental/Non governmental agencies.

Prevention of Blindness, deaf blindness and other Multiple Disabilities : Camps used to be conducted in rural areas in different parts of the State to identify persons, particularly children, needing attention in respect of health care and providing required helps. During such camps special attention is given to create awareness among the people about hygienic life, nutritious food etc. so as to enable to lead a better life preventing blindness and other disabilities to the extent possible.

Client Service Unit : There are different facilities provided by the Government for persons with disabilities including concession in traveling expenses, free medical care etc. There have been numerous cases of beneficiaries not being able to avail such facilities due to lack of awareness or for want of assistance to obtain the certificates required for availing them. NAB used to provide required assistances in such cases.

NAB LIC Group Insurance Scheme covering for Visually Challenged: Associating with LIC of India we are providing insurance coverage to selected number of visually challenged persons.

Care & Therapy Centre : Care & Therapy Centre is for taking care of children with disabilities including those with multiple disabilities, to a limited extent, giving physiotherapy and training in mobility, communication etc. and also imparting awareness to parents on care required for improving life of such children.

Computer Learning Centre for Visually Challenged: NAB Kerala has been imparting Computer Education to visually challenged with financial support from IBS Software Pvt Ltd. This program is being continued.

Mobility Training Centre for training the Vision Impaired using White Cane: Our center takes pride in offering personalized and comprehensive mobility training. Our expert instructors understand the unique needs of individuals with visual impairments and craft bespoke programs to enhance their mobility skills. From mastering the proper technique of white cane usage to navigating various environments with confidence, our curriculum is designed to empower each participant on their personal journey towards independence.

Special Service Project for Children in the Rural Area: NAB Kerala has been conducting camps in rural areas to identify persons with disabilities requiring support, particularly children belonging to BPL families and provide medical, therapeutic and financial support to the extent possible. Care & Share Charitable Trust, USA provided financial support for such programs. The Rural Project started in Nemom Block Panchayat Area in 2019-20 was interrupted by the pandemic Covid-19 by March 2020. This could not be resumed due to financial constraints.

Music Troop: A music troop ‘The Voice of NAB Kerala’ had been formed earlier with talented singers among our Trainees and some training in music was given to them, with intention of developing it into a full-fledged professional troop. This program which was affected by the pandemic has since been not resumed.

Audio Recording and Publishing : The Audio Recording Studio functioning at NAB Office enables preparation of text books and study materials in audio format for the use of visually challenged students. In this facility we prepare audio version of text books and study materials for various academic courses, entrance examinations and other competitive tests.

NAB Kerala is maintaining the YouTube Channel ‘DRISHYAM NAB’ in which audio recordings covering various subjects like Current Affairs, Science & Technology News, Entertainment, Health & Lifestyle and Editorials in leading Dailies are being published daily.  A digital weekly magazine containing the recordings of a week is collated and published on Google Drive. We are also maintaining the Face Book Account with posts on important activities of NAB.

Sound Recording & Editing Course : This course is intended to impart training in Sound Recording & Editing, so as to enable the Trainees to work in this field.

Projects taken up with IBS : Life Skills Development Training for Visually Challenged Persons and Persons with Multiple Disabilities &  Audio Recording Studio are major projects undertaken with financial support from M/s. IBS Software Solutions.

Mobile Accessibility Training: Mobile accessibility training for visually impaired individuals focuses on providing comprehensive education and support to enhance their ability to use smartphones and other mobile devices independently. This training is designed to address the specific challenges faced by individuals with visual impairments, ensuring they can navigate and utilize the features of mobile technology with ease and confidence.

 PSC Coaching Class: PSC coaching classes are provided to visually impaired students free of cost.