• Prevention of preventable and cure of curable visual impairment.
  • Socio-economic rehabilitation of the visually challenged in mainstream, through education, training and employment.
  • To take up advocacy against all types of individual and structural discrimination and ensure full legal capacity.
  • Assure accessibility to the world of information.


Empower visually challenged population of our state, thus enabling them to lead a life of dignity and productivity.


  • To provide visually impaired persons with preventive medical assistance, educate and impart vocational training & provide employment
  • To make society aware of the category of visually impaired people, in terms of their abilities and needs.
  • To enhance the self-confidence of the visually impaired by enabling them to participate actively in the management & planning of programs
  • Provide appropriate guidance and advice to families with visual disabilities, so that they can cope with the situation optimally.
  • Preparing and providing appropriate training and rehabilitation programs for visually impaired & their families
  • To provide proper training in IT & mobile phone accessibility.
  • To Provide audio materials for higher studies
  • Support research and studies in the field of visual impairment.
  • To provide more opportunities for this group to engage in various cultural, social and sports activities.