As it is essential to identify disabilities of persons at a very early stage to ensure effective assistance and care, we need to concentrate with the children. The first stage of the project is to get the service of two or three honorary workers for conducting further studies and creating awareness among the people regarding existing health care issues through active campaigns. Along with that we need to organize a Medical Camp to identify health problems and remedies required. One Medical Officer and two or three Therapists along with a few volunteers will be needed in the first camp. Thereafter depending on the actual needs we have to plan future activities including conducting regular Therapeutic Camps minimum once a month. Local Grama Panchayats and Block Resource Centre have volunteered their cooperation and assistance in all these activities. 

This Project is intended for a noble cause which will benefit a good number of little children who will otherwise struggle to survive with all their handicaps and hardships. Therefore NAB Kerala decided to go ahead with implementation of the Project, anticipating the approval of Care & Share Charitable Trust, USA.