NAB KERALA – AMWAY COMPUTER EDUCATION CENTRE ATTACHED TO THE TRAINING & REHABILITATION CENTRE AT THIRUVANANTHAPURAM                                                                                                                                                                                           

The Computer Education Centre attached to the Training & Rehabilitation Centre of NAB Kerala at Thiruvananthapuram is functioning with financial support from Amway India Enterprises Ltd. Funds required for running the Computer Centre is released by Amway every year on the basis of MOU signed by NAB Kerala and Amway. Infrastructural requirements for the Computer Centre were provided with the support of Amway, supplemented by other well wishers. In this Centre, the Computer Education Program suitable for the Visually Challenged was introduced on the basis of universally accepted curriculum. Experienced teachers are engaged for teaching the Visually Challenged Persons. 

Amway India has been actively associated with NAB Kerala from 2001 onwards, providing financial support for training and rehabilitation programs, for the Visually Challenged Persons, particularly in providing opportunities for their education. The Computer Centre attached to the Training & Rehabilitation Centre has benefitted hundreds of vision impaired persons in getting trained in the use of computers. Many of them have been employed in Public and Private Sector Undertakings and also Government jobs. This Centre was upgraded during 2016-17 with the support of Amway. Presently we are offering computer learning course of duration two years to the visually challenged persons, with a specific course syllabus, so that on successful completion of this course they will be capable of using the computer in the normal manner including accessing the internet and sending and receiving e-mails. The regular course is offered in morning and evening shifts. Apart from this, vision impaired persons who are school-going or attending various jobs can make use of the facility for picking up / enhancing computer knowledge, during weekends and holidays. Some of the vision impaired persons who already had learned the use of computers are visiting the Centre frequently to access the internet and send or receive e-mails and sometimes to refresh their knowledge.